These are the crazy people in your security neighborhood – Part 2 Private Pyle

When you have been around the IT/Security space as long as I have you run into to a lot of whacky people. After a while you begin sorting and classifying them into nice convenient stereotypes. Over the next few weeks I will post my own stereotypes that I have discovered. Hope you get a laugh and figure out where you fit in. The Professional Conclusion is what to do if you are another security professional, the Vendor Conclusion is how you should deal with them if you are trying to sell them something.

Private Pyle started out in some backwater town in eastern Oklahoma before he joined the military to get the heck out of there.

private pyle

Once in the military someone figured out that this dude could add and plug in cables and they put him in the IT group. There he plugged in routers in places like Dubai and Kuwait. If it was in 2016, I’d bet he’d also have plugged in his a 3D printer like Dremel (check Dremel 3d40 review).

One time he saw a Pix firewall and that landed on his resume. He then gets sucked into AFCERT at some point and proceeds to write approximately 9000 proceed and policy manuals. Kicks out of .mil land and finds out that TS clearance he has is worth $$$$$ with all the private .gov contractors out there. Usually then will embed themselves into the belly of a contracting firm and never leave. Every once in a while the smart ones escape and end up in the private sector. Once they do they are generally mellow and easy going. They love building stuff. Got a firewall with extra blinky lights? Sold! IDS with a neural network learning computer? He will take 12! Got services? Unless you are part of the military industrial complex, you have the chips stacked against you.

Professional Conclusion: Typically laid back and mellow. Most are pretty sedate. Think Al Gore but they might actually know what TCP/IP is.

Vendor Conclusion: See above, blinky lights, outrageous promises sold!

Part 3 – The Techno Weenie

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Alumnus hacks Texas A&M system

My dad is a Aggie, sorry to see his school can’t secure their systems. If anyone is from Texas they know that the Aggie’s are the butt of many jokes. (Think Polish jokes, Texas style). One of my favorites:

How do you confuse an Aggie?

Put him in a round room and tell him to pee in the corner.

Bu dum bump, I am here all week folks!

I have grown somewhat numb to yet another college getting broken into. Sadly I think the security teams at these places are in a no-win situation. A culture of openness + lots of kids + lots of juicy PII and CC data = many places to fall over and leak data. Maybe RIAA can’t stop wasting time with P2P witch hunts and let the security people at these institutes of higher learning get back to securing the information of the students and faculty. Oh I can dream…

I recently dug my archives and found a story that was fascinating more than a decade ago. Below is an excerpt:

Alumnus hacks Texas A&M system: “A recent graduate of Texas A&M University is charged with hacking into the school’s computer system and illegally accessing information on 88,000 current and former students, faculty and staff members.

Luis Castillo must appear before a magistrate judge Wednesday.”

By the way, if you wondering what happened to the student, let’s just say your guess is as good as mine. Nowadays, rather than chase these small kids trying to hack into school systems, I spend my time restoring websites that have been hacked. Like this one of a client who writes MDF stethoscope review articles. It’s a funny world; how much 10 years can bring a difference in someone’s career.

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